Eight Questions You Should Ask About Your Mission-Critical eMail Document Delivery

In today’s world, almost everyone can send an email with attachments and create delivery reports. A key concern should be whether the attachment was delivered as intended or did it get stripped. With the need for increased email security, delivery of critical documents to customers is not as easy as it once was. Below is a great list of questions to ask yourself in regards to your mission-critical documents that are emailed to your customers. 

  1. Is there a goto resource that can contact an ISP when there is an issue with delivery?
  2. Who monitors email delivery and looks for trends throughout the US 24 x 7?
  3. Are your attachments being stripped from the email by spam filters? If so, how is this currently resolved?
  4. How are undeliverable email handled? Are they ignored or are they resent to your customers with a special message?
  5. Are your emails properly registered to help avoid spam filters and being blacklisted?
  6. Should you be using an HTML email with a secure encrypted attachment?
  7. Do you know if customer communication emails are being sent securely?
  8. Who monitors to ensure compliance with the CAN SPAM ACT?

The biggest question and differentiator is, Do you have a team that can answer the above questions? Does your team have the technology and experience behind the scenes and are able to do this every day to support the delivery of a transactional document to the intended recipient?

About the Author:

Kirk Dresen, the CEO of Business Communication Solutions (BCS), is an expert in the delivering of flexible turnkey solutions of critical transactional data for print and mail, eDelivery, and document management.  

At BCS, the mission is to provide the highest quality in customer service with the transactional print, mail, and e-presentment of our clients’ documents, whether it be invoices, statements, ID cards, checks, postcards or direct mail and marketing presentment programs. 

Contact Kirk at sales@bcs-innovation.com or visit our website, www.bcs-innovation.com to learn more about how BCS can help your organization with delivering your critical transactional data.