Transforming your paper processes to digital communication is a focus of many companies today to save resources and time, expediting invoices to customers to speed delivery and payment.  BCS can help you achieve this goal by handling all transactional documents or other important documents that need to be delivered electronically.

You Get More with Our Enhanced Solution:

The platform we employ to launch emails ensures attached documents make it to their destination at the highest rate available for optimizing delivery unlike many competing platforms that get hampered by spam filter attachment stripping.  With our E Delivery and tracking you can be assured your documents and attachments make it successfully to their destination. 

BCS also helps you migrate customers to paperless communications with adoption consent services.  We help you get your customers to easily say “yes” to paperless with an innovative electronic consent application.  Your conversion rate will increase dramatically with these digital best practices.

With the BCS solution, you will understand regional and industry trends and measure your success with delivery statistics, open rates and usage.