Document Management

Document Management


The BCS Document Management System allows companies to improve efficiency, compliance and quality assurance for archiving and storing valuable business information without the need to invest in expensive software or equipment. The cloud-based Centreviews system provides instant visibility and access to documents and can be customized according to specific parameters and guidelines with levels of permission for complete control.

All document formats can be transitioned to create a centralized archive, including paper form, email, fax, or EDI. The scalable system can be utilized by individual business units or enterprise-wide applications to maximize productivity and reduce handling and storage by up to 70%.

Customers can upload images with indexing information or have our expert onshore index team handle whether through OCR or manual keying

Integrated Centerviews system provides a solution for sensitive document protection challenges including:

Through our Centreviews solution, we will streamline access to vital business information and offer transparency for your line of business applications and workflows with 24/7 access and no retention limits.

With expertly designed and automated document management workflows that use the latest technology to deliver validated information into the format your business requires, our solutions can provide productivity gains and increased customer satisfaction.

Two document processing centers in Two Harbors, MN and Waunakee, WI provide redundancy and stability to handle your largest volume needs.

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