As a leader in the broadcast and Newspaper space, BCS solutions include the ability to combine script documents, affidavits and electronic signatures. We provide advanced technology communication, with the ability to deliver targeted messages to specific subscribers in both print and electronic format with ease.

Our solutions enable multiple data files to be merged as well as data capture to improve retention, allow paid advertising space on billing statements and cost reduction with resource re-allocation, paperless adoption increase, and postage rate savings.

Our back office accounts receivable process supports our broadcast customers by minimizing exception processing of payments. We take in lock box payment information and processing against the billing information to connect as many payments to invoices as possible then will upload that data into your ERP. Our archive then is utilized as the central hub for ease of reconciling exceptions.


Our Media specific payment portal supports many different features such as

Features available for Broadcasters:

Level 3 pricing opportunity to lower interchange rate and support multiple merchant accounts