At BCS, we know the complex needs of the insurance industry and have a suite of tools for what today’s insurance companies need to reduce the risks and costs of insurance document delivery.  Our secure print-mail enhanced by our document eDelivery and ability to dynamically communicate with your customer will strengthen loyalty and enhance the relationship.  


By utilizing our data management and archiving solution which stores all types of documents your Customer Service team can instantly access all documents with just a few clicks.   Documents can be uploaded directly into the systems or our team can help you by scanning claims and letter and handling the data entry for you.

Business Resumption Services

Have your own in-house solution?  Ask about our Business Resumption program.  We work with and support the insurance industry to provide Business Resumption Services.  Our knowledge allows us to support our Insurance clients with a seamless way to ensure Business continuity in the event of a major or minor occurrence.